So many bus memories... the ones that stand out:

In the 80's my dad took me to see his mom in New Mexico. From Wisconsin. On a TRAILWAYS bus. It was like a budget Greyhound. Are they even still in business? Anyways, after having a creepy old guy ask me if I wanted some Juicy Fruit, and my dad MADE ME SAY YES, I had to pee. While we were doing 60+ (or what I imagine the bus was doing) down the interstate. My dad, bless his heart, said “I Got This” and literally HELD ME UP in the bathroom/closet so I could pee. Pee went EVERYWHERE. Its hard to aim while being rocked back and forth and side to side in a bus...

Why I didn’t just sit down puzzles me to this day.

Later in life I rode a lot of yellow buses to school. Between the time I got sick from diesel fumes and puked everywhere to the time a guy ran a red light, hit one bus, then careened into OUR bus were probably the worst memories.... oh, and the time that one of the windows FELL OUT OF THE BUS. Driver didn’t even care that it was swinging loose and eventually crashed to the ground only to be run over by the car behind us.... he just kept on driving.

I had a lot of fun memories though. When we would all stand in the back of the bus over huge bumps to get massive air, the 8th graders having sex in the back of the bus while their friends watched (and huddled around so the driver couldn’t see), to the cool short bus driver I had that would stop and buy us McDonalds every morning... and he was a rapper so he’s spit some sick bars at us on the ride to keep us entertained... good times.