I’m so glad this game is still being modded and played so much. After we made Jedi Outcast and saw how much people wanted to mod it, I personally wanted to make sure Jedi Academy was mod-friendly. I externalized as much of the behavior and stats of weapons, vehicles and NPCs as I could into text files that could easily be edited. James Monroe made sure out mode system worked well and was well supported. He also made sure the game would scale well to higher resolutions, which is noticeable if you play the game today and crank it up.

After it was released, a few of us continued to work on mods for the game to show what you could do with it and I tried to do my best to help out modders on forums, explain how to do things to them, etc. James put together the GDK and all the tools.

Then, after years and years of modders requesting the source code, we were finally able to release it.

Having gotten my start in the mod community, it’s so rewarding to see modders really latching on to Jedi Academy. And kind of surreal when we hire someone who got their own start in game dev modding a game we made.