I had a customer come in to buy an H2 as a tow rig for his toy trailer. He arrived in a yellow 550 with his son (about 11- or 12-year-old)

They parked in the customer delivery parking, which, meh it was a slow night but there’s a reason those spots were empty (and the sign in front of them said “reserved for customer delivery”)

He jumped out and stood by the door for a few seconds and then his son got out but didn’t shut the door. His dad walked around and suddenly I realized why he had stood near the driver’s door for a bit before walking around.

He put his hand inside of his shirt and used the cotton shirt to push the door closed.

Mind you, he had just driven on a 55 mph highway (and a few county roads) on his way to our dealership.

Ferrari ownership is a confusing dichotomy of reality and eccentricity.

Also, I really wanted one of our lot boys to pull a car around for delivery and ding his 550 while we finished paperwork, solely because I’m a jerk like that and wish those kinds of things on people who use their t-shirt to shut their car doors.