Assorted ones people have told me...

“You can’t drive RWD in the winter!” - everyone I work with when I considered a 2 series BMW (I bought a Golf R not because of them, just because I wanted a 240i and the R was cheaper and more practical)

“You have to put your car in neutral at all stop lights” - my old fart landlord in 2001 who kept putting his Saab in neutral at stoplights.

“You must vait before putting the car in each gear!” - my heavily accented Finnish mother when teaching me to drive. She insisted that someone said you had to wait like 5 seconds between moving the shifter from P->R->N->D. She also told me to put on my signal like a mile before turning to warn everyone. People flipped her off and honked at her constantly. Hooray for when my brother got his license and was able to drive me around instead of her before I got mine.

“super is a waste of money” - says everyone who requires super but puts in regular

“I put in the good stuff” - says every idiot with a car that uses regular but puts in super

People who put up their winscreen wipers when it threatens to snow. Yeah, it’s easier to clean your window, but then the springs wear out and your wipers chatter. (sorry, this is turning into things that annoy me...)

“you should gun your engine when it’s cold so it warms up faster” - someone told my dad this, so he would start his car, let it run like 5 seconds, then floor it for like a minute before leaving.

“Snow tires are a waste of money. You’ll only need them a few times. Plus you have AWD” - well, at some point during the life of the car I’m going to buy a second set of tires, so I may as well have ones that actually work in the winter and help me stop. Another coworker said he would never use snow tires because they got worse gas mileage. Well, you waste gas while heating your house, so why don’t you stop that too...

“More people die in car crashes because they can’t get out of the car because of their seat belt. That’s why I don’t wear one and you shouldn’t either.” - my moron brother. Once he yelled at me for going over the speed limit on the highway. I told him I would do the speed limit if he started wearing his seat belt. He STFU’ed.