I have a 2007 MINI Cooper S that I love and have made my personal race car, although I really don’t race and it spends most of its time on the street and it is really that fast but it is quick. So not long after transferring back to the Mainland from Hawaii with the US Navy and money from a deployment burning a hole in my pocket with said MINI on its way from Hawaii, I am just devouring ways to modify this car. In roughly 2010 there wasn’t much to make this car really anything hugely special, but there are some basic and not so basic parts. Well I am encouraged by a local MINI car member that I should look into taking my car to *redacted* and having *redacted* work on it. I was told *redacted* was the best in the business. Well I call *redacted* to set up what I want done to the car and that I will have to set up lodging and take a couple days off from work to have him work on the car. I order an OS Giken clutch(this plays heavily into this story) and some suspension parts. get up to the shop and drop the car off and hang out for a little bit. I talk to *redacted* for a couple hours while I explain to him where I am staying and how long I have, which is 2 days. I am promptly told that the clutch is not in yet, but it should be in that day and that he was going to start on the suspension. Okay, I can handle that. Well he does one nice thing while there and that is let me borrow the shop car so I can tool around and not be sitting in his shop bored. Well clutch comes in and he says they are going to stay a little later to get started on it. I get a phone call the next morning asking if I want to reuse the throw out bearing arm and transmission fluid. Being not so savvy at the time and wanting to literally want to save like $50, I said sure. No big deal right? It’s just a piece of metal what can go wrong? So the next day I get to the shop and they are about 4 hours from being done. No big deal I can still get a could start and be home just after dark. Nope, car won’t start. They can’t figure it out. I ask did you read the directions, too which I got a response of “no” and “there wasn’t any”. I decide to go to OS Giken’s website and find out that the flywheel bolts were suppose to grinded down by 3mm. Okay not the best thing in the world because these are torque pieces, but with new ones it shouldn’t be a big deal. Okay, I tell him that I cannot stay I have to leave and he kindly again lets me borrow another shop car to drive the 6 hours home. I get home and he brings me my car down the next day all good to go. Fast forward to about 5-6 months later and roughly 5k miles later I go to start my car and bam! clutch pedal goes to the floor a large crunch and plastic goes everywhere. Have it towed to the local MINI dealership because that is the only place in the area that can work on them and they find out the throw out bearing arm has failed hard and snapped about a dozen of the bolts that hold the pressure plate to the clutch kit. Can’t leave the car on the lift there to have the clutch looked over by OS Giken so I have to spend dealership prices to get an OEM clutch reinstalled. Great part about that is, I was tuned to about 205 whp at the time and increased the power output to around 225 whp and fried the clutch. I reinstall the semi new OS Giken clutch and have been getting noise from it ever since and it is now failing. Oh and this whole time this was going on *redacted* would not back up his labour or the parts he sold me. He kept telling me it was my fault and that I should of had the car towed 6 hours to have him look at it. I would have considered doing that until he told me that there was not a 100% guarantee he would warranty his work or parts.Just to give you a ballpark of what I have lost and am still losing on this deal:

$1800 OS Giken Clutch

$1000 for installation

$600 OEM Clutch

$2000 for installation

$700 for reinstallation of OS Giken Clutch

$600-$1200 for new clutch

$700-$2000k to have installed

This is also not including lodging, food, or travel time.


Club member suggested a guy who was suppose to be the best in the business, blew clutch up because a failed part I was advised not to replace, guy wouldn’t warranty his work, and lost around $7k.