Worst and Best advice rolled up in a single event. I drove to San Antonio with a friend in my 911 Carrera 4 to look at and possibly purchase a used Cayenne S. On the drive there still about 100 miles out all the lights in the 911 light up like a Christmas tree and get really bright. I’m like this can’t be good but the car is otherwise running normally. Then they go off and then back on intermittently. They keep doing this for another 50 miles until they go back bright and stay on. We manage to make it to the Porsche dealer off the interstate. This was a Sat. and they managed to get me in to check out the car. They diagnosed it as a possible alternator problem and would also likely need a battery since it looks to have overheated. However they weren’t definitive and gave me an initial estimate for the alternator of several hundred dollars plus labor came to around 2K. Plus it wouldn’t be until Monday before they could get the alternator.

In the meantime, the guy who was selling the Cayenne texted and I told him I was at the dealership and explained the problem. He said oh yea, it’s your alternator regulator. How much are they going to charge you? I told him and also told him it wouldn’t be until Monday before they could get the parts. Then he says, well me and my friend are Porsche mechanics and we can get you both the OEM alternator, the OEM battery, belts and installed today for a whole lot less. I was like fantastic, so a friend of his came over with a flatbed truck, picked up the car and we headed to a parts warehouse, where he picked up the parts. A few hours later, he had installed the alternator, battery, belts and reprogrammed the computer and road tested the car. All was good. I also bought the Cayenne figuring this was good Karma and me and my friend ended up having a good trip after all.