In all my years of flying around the continent, I’ve been quite fortunate. Other than encountering some fairly rough turbulence, a couple of bumpy landings, and a few angry drunks...I’ve never had any major problems. So instead, I’ll share a story that was unique to me, but doesn’t constitute horrific at all.

I flew up to Syracuse in January to visit a friend of mine. No particular reason, just wanted to get away for a couple days. Her furnace had just broken, so it was a cold couple of days. Still, a pretty good time. On the final day though, the city was getting pounded with a blizzard. After a lengthy struggle just getting to the airport, I settled into a chair in the terminal, waiting for my flight to stop being delayed.

They ended up clearing the snow and boarding the aircraft after a 90ish minute delay. A couple extra minutes were spent waiting for the ground crew to finish deicing the wings, then we set off towards Charlotte, NC (where I had to change planes to get back to Orlando.) While coming in to Charlotte (giggity), the crew asked the passengers to please let people trying to make connections get off the plane first. As it turned out, there were four of us trying to catch the same flight back to Orlando, evidenced by us all sprinting together from gate to gate. We arrived just in time to watch the plane being pushed back. Damnit.

So we all made our way over to the US Airways service counter there in the terminal to see about rebooking. The airline folks explained that the next flight to Orlando wouldn’t leave until the morning, and we were going to be stuck in Charlotte for the night. They offered to put us all up in hotel rooms and give us meal vouchers, which honestly is more than they had to do. Three of us took it in stride. None of us had ever met before, but hey, these things happen from time to time. Getting angry wouldn’t solve anything. But the fourth guy, he simply wasn’t having it. He called the agent all kinds of horrible names, and essentially had a giant temper tantrum. After he finished his tirade, the agent got us all squared away with our hotel. Me and the other two chill guys each got our own rooms at the Hyatt Place, a pretty swank accommodation given the circumstances. Mr. Grumpypants got to stay at the Sleep Inn on Billy Graham Parkway.

Once we got checked in at the hotel, the three of us new amigos decided to get a drink and some food at the hotel bar. Unfortunately, the kitchen had closed. But the bartender said that if we each bought a soda, he would cash out the remainder of our food vouchers. So, with $28.50 each, we ventured out. Much to our chagrin, there was a big, two-story “gentlemen’s club” just down the road. Of course, that amount of money doesn’t last long in such an establishment. But it was still a little reassuring to know that US Airways was footing the bill.

The next day, we all took the shuttle back to the airport, and had an uneventful flight home. Never saw any of the other guys again, but I did write a thank you email to US Airways’ customer service for the free lap dance.