From a gentleman named Andrew, via email:

Title: Male Flight Attendant tried to see my penis

SO I was going to a wedding in New Orleans and wanted to get there cheaply as it was a big cost for everything else in the wedding. I bought tickets on Spirit never having flown them and the had heard horror stories. So I fly out of DC to a stop in Chicago and then onto New Orleans. First part is fine, tight seats but oh well. We land in Chicago and the entire flight gets off except me. The staff told me to stay on as the plane would fill up again with the group in Chicago. I have never experienced this before, but ok. So its going to be 20 minutes and I start chatting with the flight attendant. General convo - eventually land on where our families are from. I said how my dad is from England and I was born there. He smirks (he was obviously gay and that is completely fine) and he goes I have always wanted to see a British cock. I chuckle and he gets a serious look on his face. I awkwardly laugh now and ask if he ever been there. He then asks me that he has really wanted to see one and asks if he can see mine. I say that’s not really my thing and again try to move on but he is now sitting next to me near the back of the plane (rest of the staff to the front). He says its wouldn’t be a big deal and he just wants to see it (leaning in). I say thanks man, but not really my scene. He looks genuinely sad and says he wouldn’t touch it, he just wants to know how big I am. I am now really uncomfortable and say man, im good thanks.

He quickly jumps up and says he will make sure I get a good seat. He let me sit in the last right next to the window (instead of a middle seat a few aisles up). As the Chicago people boarded, he stood next to my row and told the two people who were suppose to be there that I have a special need and I have to sit on an open section. They were pretty pissed and I felt again bad. Flew to New Orleans and he gave me a butt tap as I got up and left the flight when we landed.