Couple months ago, I boarded a flight from São Paulo to Dubai (final destination: South Korea) accompanying a group of 20-30 year olds for a “field trip” to Samsung, LG, POSCO, Hyundai and all those goodie Korean companies. Anyway, in our flight there are many Nigerians on board, me being surrounded by them. One particular one (lets call him Bob, he is the main character of this story) keeps on standing up and talks loudly to others in the row behind me but they don’t respond to him (weird). One who was seated right next to me had such a strong BO that I was already dreading the 11hr flight to Dubai. Well that was the least of my concerns...

About half way into the flight, the FAs started to serve dinner and incredibly food was nice and Emirates still has steel cutlery (note on these for later). We all finish eating and lights are off. Couple minutes later Bob seemingly had just woken up from his sleep yells loudly demanding his dinner to be served immediately. FAs tried to explain, but to avoid further discussion they bring out the food. Bob, takes a bite, stands up and goes to the bathroom. Comes out, takes another bite and goes back in. This time he stays there for awhile like half an hour. FA comes around asks if he is ok (no response), while going back to her cabin, takes his leftover tray.

Bob, which is clearly having some issues (sweaty face, glazed eyes) comes out of the toilet and sees that the FA is taking his food away. He yells and sprints towards her, pushes her and grabs the metal cutlery from the tray and sprints to the back of the plane. At this point people are freaking out: TAs running after Bob, babies crying, mothers crying... and I am thinking how would I make a fire if the plane crash lands into a deserted island.

There is a commotion in the back of the plane, and female TA is seen running while crying. Bob reappears again, with the puny blunt knife cutlery in hand running after her. By this time couple of men stand up and run after him. We are told on PA to remain seated. We hear screaming in the front of the plane and an european elderly woman comes stumbling to our cabin screaming: WE NEED STRONG MEN.

Couple of boys from my group immediately stand up but I tell them to sit their asses down. I see two burly dudes from couple of rows in front getting up and hurring to help (these turned out to be off-duty Brazilian Federal Police officers). Couple minutes pass and then silence. PA comes alive and a TA is requesting if there are any doctors on board and if there is anyone who speaks Nigerian please get to the front of the plane. An asian woman gets up and goes to the front of the plane (I´m guessing she is a doctor). PA repeats if there is anyone who speaks Nigerian please come to the front of the plane. I eyeball the dude next to me, clearly with his eyes open yet ignoring the announcement. Same as the dudes in the row behind me. TAs come along, sees these men and asks if they are Nigerian which they just shake their heads. I get a hold of the TA and explained that prior to the outburst I saw Bob in the toilet. I accompany the TA to the toilet and it has blood spots all over the toilet, mirror, walls. She locks up the toilet and asks me to return to my seat.

Five hours pass and we finally land in Dubai. I didn’t get any sleep fearing that the guys around me might do something, like hijacking the plane, but nothing happens. As soon as the doors are open, an official in arab garb enters the plane accompanied by 4 Dubai policemen. They grab Bob (which has been tied with some kind of rope and sedaded by the doctor) and disembark.

Long story short: Bob was smuggling drugs in his abdomen which apparently had burst, causing him to go on a mayhem. 6 other Nigerians were also apprehended with same charges. I feared for my life and the life of the dozen guys I was responsible for but we got a hell of a story to tell.