6 am flight out of Lake Charles to DFW, still probably drunk from drinking all night in the casino. Wife is the flight attendant working this regional jet flight. Im in seat 1A and right as I nod off over houston, bam, clear air turbulence. My ass is out of the seat and my head is banging the ceiling. The plane is losing altitude. Then bam, again massive turbulence. the plane is rocking side to side and I feel like im gonna puke everywhere. I look back down the aisle and the drink cart is tipped over and my wife’s leg is cut. There is lav water all over the back of the plane. From the cockpit I hear, get control of it and the other pilot saying, Im fucking trying, I cant get fucking control. Then some more slow rolling turbulence and I hear oh shiiiiit from the cockpit and bam another drop in altitude. My stomach feels as if it is in my throat. It seemed like eternity and I really thought they were going to lose it but finally it smooths out.

Then the phone in the cabin rings, but my wife cant get past the drink cart. Passengers are helping lift the cart off her leg and she tells me to answer the phone. the pilots ask if everyone is ok and I tell them the passengers seem fine, the FA has a cut leg and there are drinks and lav water all over the plane. They say to tell everyone to remain seated and for me to help the FA get the drink cart mess picked up and to have her make an announcement that we are asking requesting priority landing at DFW with emergency vehicles, but that they weren’t declaring an emergency unless the FA calls them back and tells them too.

So we finally land and emergency vehicles meet us. No one asks for help but the airline has reps there to handle the passengers. The Captain opens the cockpit door before we deplane and asks if everyone is ok and says he is pleased to announce that the only person to puke was the First Officer and he did it all over the cockpit. We all had a good laugh at that.