I’ve been karting with 2 distinct groups. Theres my racing friends, where we usually rent out the track and have some spectacularly epic battles that can only be fought by those who trust eachother on the track. For us its awesome, but the reason we rent out the track is for someone who doesn’t want to be in the battle and just have fun its frustrating for them and us.

Then I have my non racing friends. These guys its not as fun for me. Without even really trying I’m easily 2 seconds or so a lap faster than the fastest person at a larger track. They are hell bent on beating me and end up crashing trying to do it. And of course I don’t want to be the jerk who crashes someone out so when i catch up to them and they are all over the track I end up literally stuck and it becomes a snooze fest. To me its not fun if I’m not hammering the shit out of the kart.

I guess the moral of the story is karting, like any other activity you can do with your friends like softball, pool, chess, etc, is often only fun when playing at your level. Getting demolished by people at it is not fun at all, and having no challenge isn’t exactly a blast either.