A friend of my girlfriend has a house in northern NH that they call the land house. It’s called that because well, it’s not on a lake or a mountain per se, just land.
Anyway, it way the heck up in NH. Like closer to Canada than any major town in NH. About 4-5 hours from Boston area. The drive up takes I-93 almost it’s entirety through NH. Up near it’s end in NH, there’s a part called Franocia Notch. Goes from a 4 lane divided highway to 2 lane winding road up through the ‘notch’ in the mountains. Amazingly beautiful area during the day. On a dark, cloudy, night it’s pitch black up there. Creepy when you see it in the day knowing there was towering mountains and drop offs just off the road.

So we’re driving up late on a Friday night, didn’t know the way so had google maps running, at some point, about 40 miles after I lost cell service the gps drops and my phone says “No service, have a nice trip” and turned off. So far into the mountains even google was like you’re on your own, peace out.
Thankfully I had the sense to screen shot the directions.

We’re finding our way through the mountains and dirt roads, crossing streams and stopping for wildlife to cross the road. Saw a couple bears, fox, plethora of deer and some other animals.
Finally we get to the road that supposedly leads to the cabin. Barely a two track at this point. Halfway up there’s a porcupine in the road just hobbling along in front of us. Slowly made it’s way in the direction we’re heading for several hundred yards before going off into the woods. Then I see darkness? I can’t see anything in front of the car (mind you I’m in a lowered sports car at the time... not a good choice). I get out with a flashlight and realize I can’t see anything because I’m at the top of a hill, a very very steep hill that the ‘road’ just suddenly dives down. Scrape like crazy and almost get centered on it but make it down. Just then forest opens and it’s a huge meadow with the house smack dab in the middle, a true land house.
Relax and party the rest of the night, good times had. Wake up to a great view of the mountains. Still don’t know why they decided to build there though...

Forgot to mention several memory markers along the back roads marking fatal accidents of types including a couple on the track to the cabin. Pretty creepy at night in the pitch black coming upon a huge marker right next to the car...

Northen NH, land house in middle of field somewhere in mountains
Gps said bye
Pitch black
Winding dirt mountain roads in sport car
Fauna everywhere