Over Christmas break, a couple of friends and I drove out to the Kingsbury Munitions Plant in northwestern Indiana. It was built at the start of World War II and the area was carefully chosen for its remote location. You know. In case of an accident.

We went specifically to hike around the bunkers, but the area covers about 20 square miles, including the storage bunkers (most of which are open and empty, save for two that are locked and one that is mysteriously welded shut), several extant water towers, a small town built to house employees who had temporarily moved from Chicago or Gary, and a vast array of manufacturing buildings made of ceramic-coated brick and half bunkered in case of an explosion.

I found a short cut on Gmaps to get us back to the main road, but when we got there, surrounded by former plant maintenance buildings now used by local businesses, the road just lead into a patch of woods and disappeared.