While waiting to testify in a capital murder trial in a small town in Texas, I decided to kill some time by driving to the scene of the murder just down the road from the courthouse. The house was set off the road about 100 yards and had been sitting abandoned since the time of the double murder. Surrounded by the pines of East Texas, which had been liberally festooned with no trespassing signs, I heeded their warning and didn’t stray from the highway easement. Anyhow, it was creepy enough from that distance.

Got back in the car, drove back to courthouse, swore an oath, and looked a cold-blooded killer in the eyes. Was asked some questions; gave some answers. Got the fuck out of dodge. Changed out of my suit and tie in the parking lot of a truckstop. Drove 250 miles back home and ate a normal dinner with my family. Was among the strangest days of my life.