1) From Mbeya Tanzania to Lake Malawi in a Nissan Minivan (I maaaay have punctured the transmission fluid oil pan and had it welded in a tiny village)

2) From Kabul to the Afghan/Uzbek border in a Toyota 4runner. Ate some gross fried fish on the river. Got trapped in collapsing Soviet tunnels in the Salang pass for hours.

3) Almost washed away in a flood driving a Ford Ranger in Thailand on Koh Samui. Water over hood, still kept running.

4) To tea plantations in the central mountains of Sri Lanka in a big old Toyota sedan with a failing clutch during the height of the civil war.

5) Last week in a 570hp 2017 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S to Mt Tam north of SF. The window sticker was in the glovebox and with all the options came to $217,000 (!!!!).

6) To the east coast of the UAE in a Range Rover Sport supercharged.

7) Around Gulu, northern Uganda in my friend Fat Moses’ Audi A4. A number of years earlier, around the end of the war with the LRA, drove an absolutely wretched Tata Safari around there. Pressing the rear passenger window button would start the windshield wipers.

8) Horrible condition Pulsar motorcycle from Kathmandu to remote temple on outskirts. Also I have very limited biking experience. Did not die.

9) Proton Waja all around Malaysia, ending outside Singapore.

10) Wicklow mountains national park south of Dublin in an Audi A6.

11) From Shanghai to Nanjing in a Chinese-made VW Passat with failing AC. I had to go to the DMV and get a Chinese drivers’ license to rent a car there.

Among other adventures!