Dominick picks up his Fiat from his mechanic Tony. Tony says, “Dominick, you gotta think about trading this car in. It seems like it’s breakin’ down every other week. I love having you as a customer but this car is costing you a fortune.”

“Yeah, but look at it,” Dominick says. “It’s starting to rust, the tires are almost bald, and it’s got like 90,000 miles on it. Nobody’s gonna give me any money for a Fiat with 90,000 miles on it.”

“Tell you what I can do,” Tony says. “This is just between you and me, but I could roll back your odometer. That way you could maybe get at least a few hundred bucks for it.”

Dominick agrees and gives Tony $20 to roll back the odometer.

Two weeks later Dominick comes by and asks Tony to top off the oil on the Fiat. Tony looks at the car and says, “I thought you was gonna trade this car in. What are ya doin’ still driving it??”

“Trade it in??” says Dominick. “Are you nuts? This car’s only got 30,000 miles on it!”