Shameless repost (of previously told by me joke):

Mid-80s, mired in quality issues and having its lunch eaten by the imports, Ford arranges a fact-finding tour of a Honda factory. After having the opportunity to observe various parts of the manufacturing process, the delegation finally makes its way to the final assembly line where they are taken aback by a strange sight: as finished cars roll off, a worker occasionally takes a newborn kitten out a box and puts it in a random car.

The tour guide explains: “We take quality extremely seriously. If we come in in the morning and the kittens are dead, well, the assembly is good; if they are alive we have sealing issues!”

6 month later, a GM delegation is invited to a Ford plant to observe the implementation of the Japanese best practices. As the tour is about wrap up, a similar scene unfolds: as the finish cars roll off, a worker tosses full-grown cats into random vehicles.

Tour guide proudly explains to the astonished GM delegation: “That’s one of the Japanese techniques. We take quality very seriously: if we come in the morning and cats are alive, job well done; if they are no longer in the car, we got sealing issues!”