I graduated in 1965 so I’m quite a bit older than most of the respondents. But it was the “muscle car” age and hot cars were the rage. There wasn’t a lot of money in the high school parking lot but some good cars just the same. A kid named Bradshaw had a all primer 1955 Chevy 2 door coupe, 389 CI Pontiac motor and a 4 speed. Stan had a ‘56 Ford Crown Vic, 312 automatic (he rolled it graduation night, he was OK, car was junk). Kenny was driving his brother’s 1963 Chevy Impala SS 409, 4 speed; his brother had gotten drafted so Kenny drove it for the next couple of years. My buddy Elliott’s father was a salesman for a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership. Elliott drove a ‘57 Chrysler 300C, 392, 2-4bbls auto. Car was a rustbucket but could melt tires at will. I drove a 1949 Ford rag top (emphasis on “rag”), V8 flattie 3 speed on the tree. I could stay with many of the hot cars through 1st and 2nd but then horsepower would take over and I was done.

I worked part time at a gas station in town. Pump gas, check the oil check the tires, all for $0.32 per gallon. The “hot” cars would hang out at my station on weekend nights. There was a Coke machine in the office; if you were “in the know” there was one slot that was marked “out of order”. Put your quarter in the “out of order” slot and out came a Budweiser.

I-80 was being built around that time and a section had been completed by the contractor but not yet turned over to the state. There were many Friday nights when the sawhorses would get pushed aside and some quick drag races were run before everyone scattered.

We had our 50th Class Reunion last year...yeah, I’m old! Most of the guys are driving Lexus’s and the like. Bradshaw became partners with a pair of brothers who opened a “ Speed Shop” and they all got rich becoming the a major warehouse for speed parts on the east coast. Kenny’s brother didn’t come back from SE Asia so Kenny sold the ‘09; he’s a retired school teacher! Elliott killed himself driving a twin-turbo Saab something or other way too fast one night.

I...well I worked for some 40+ years as an engineer in automotive and aerospace industries. But I never got over cars and motorcycles. Retired, I buy unique, non-running specimens and get them back in shape, love ‘em for a while and then sell ‘em so I can go to work on another. I just finished a ‘99 Jag XK8 convertible, a sweet running BRG luxo-roadster. Wife loves it, but see, there is this 1961 Corvette in nice shape (frame is rust free) without engine or transmission...