Our highschool lot was upper classsmen, so juniors and seniors. Had to maintain a certain gpa and some other stipulations. We could also get off campus privileges for similar criteria.

School security guard would sit at the end of the road leading in/out of the school towards the main road and check IDs at lunch for the sticker to go off campus. Was common to see kids get out of the car because they didn’t have the sticker or from kids who tried faking the sticker. There were also the times when the guard would demand the trunk to be opened and kids would scatter from said trunk. Managed to sneak a couple of friends in the trunk and under blankets and what not.

Several fender benders happened in this line or at the end of school, when they would open the only other route in/out. The second way was also on a pretty steep hill and during the winter would get pretty tricky, specially for kids with new licenses and no experience with snow or ice and how to handle it. Pushed multiple kids up the hill throughout the years.

During one particularly icy morning, probably about 10 cars or so, just one after the other, slid down the hill under no control into each other. They salted the shit out of it after that.

There was also the one girl in my grade that was the spoiled girl and got whatever she wanted without deserving it. She side swiped or straight out hit multiple cars and wrecked at least 3 of her parents cars. Yet they kept on buying her new ones..... idiot.

I, and a buddy, were the one a lot of people called to come take a look at their car or help them fix it when anything happened. Kind of disappointing being one of a few car guys in the whole school. Everybody knew which car was mine though!