Our parking lot was a mix. I went to a regional tech school and all of the 6 towns that supplied students varied in wealth. We had a everything from the crappy Buick and Olds ex-grandma mobiles to some pretty nice machines. A bunch of kids drove classics as we had an auto body shop. Some Corvettes, a couple of air-cooled VWs, more than a handful of MK1/2 Golfs (non of them GTIs though) and a whole bunch of lifted trucks.

One kid though... I don’t know how he got his hands on it - picked up a numbers matching 1969 Boss 302 from some barn up in VT. Was well weathered but had only 20k on the clock and everything was there.

It took him 3 years to restore through his time in the auto body program. He had it perfect. New paint, new interior, motor refreshed. The whole thing was amazingly done.

When he finally got it on the road, not a week later some kid from the same school totaled it by rear-ending him doing 65 in a 25 and hitting black ice. The 302 was stopped, it was stopped at a red light, the kid who rear-ended him was driving a brand new 2003 g35. Came over around the corner and just couldn’t stop. It pushed the 302 into the intersection where it got hit two more times. Somehow both walked away with only a couple of scratches.

The icing on the cake? We had a “best car” vote for the yearbook. The kid in the 2003 g35 won it with a 2004 g35.

The only “good” thing that came out of it was that 302 went on to live in a classic hill climb car. That and every time the auto body kids would see the g35 with a parking space open next to it, they would park next to it and open their doors as hard as they could. That thing looked like a 10 year old Camry by the end of senior year.