Similar story; the parking lot on my high school’s grounds was reserved for seniors. Everyone else could park in the lot of the church across the street, which had an arrangement with the school.

This sucked for a couple of reasons. First off, the churchy people would harass us fairly frequently, trying to gain fresh converts. They handed out an awful lot of bibles that got used primarily as makeshift rolling papers. Bible paper joints taste terrible, by the way.

But worse than that, the street we had to cross was one of the city’s main thoroughfares, especially at the time. More than a few kids got hit by assholes rushing to work and not paying attention.

The senior lot was mostly known for the water tower right next to it. The tower was the nearest place to school where one could have a cigarette, as it was not school property. It took forever to get out of that lot at the end of the day, because the long driveway next to the tower was the only way in or out. People didn’t really hang out in the lot, but the “smoking tower” was pretty popular.