My high school was a cornucopia of vehicles and ethnicities. We had the vietnamese gang with their slammed Hondas with excessively loud exhausts (I am caucasian and drove a moderately lowered civic and a 72 mini cooper for a short stint). We had the hicks, with their various generations of Chevy, Dodge and Ford patina trucks. We had the preppies with their brand new mustangs and VW passats and whatnots. And then there were the average kids in the cressidas and camrys.

The lot was used during passing periods and lunch as a hang out. All grades were welcome, but grade levels were unofficially separated by aisle.

As far as the chaos, there weren’t a whole lot of accidents, especially since there were sufficient campus supervisors on site during entrance and exit times. Although one girl did get run over by a brand new H2 one day. She’s never walked the same since. Broke her tib/fib and some bones in her foot. I’m pretty sure she got some settlement money.

There were lots of shenanigans that happened though. Relocating the wiper fluid squirter to shoot passersby. My mini got picked up and relocated one day which caused me to be called out of class to move it back. One kid’s 89 Camry caught on fire before school. We had a kid in a mid 80s Crown Vic with 31 inch mud terrains whip a few donuts in the back dirt lot once. He owned about 7 cars, all of which were in various states of disrepair. An 89 Ford diesel with a 6 inch tip sticking straight up out of the bed. The shop class kids were always rigging up some crazy crap.