I went to school in Redmond, WA, which is effectively just a housing development for Microsoft families. There was no shortage of obnoxious flaunting and excess - In addition to the standard cheerleaders in C230s, snowboard kids in brand new STIs, one kid’s dad would lease him the new model year A4 (Not generation, or even facelift, but model year) if he got passable grades. He spent junior and senior year getting crossfaded behind the school, so it ended with the B8 when it came out. One kid had two different E92 M3s, none of which lasted through winter break, and the wheels were curbed to shit well before then.

One thing the parking lot itself had going on for it, which was that the paths between the school and the interior of the lot were raised, doubling as a large speed bump and a crosswalk. Or a ramp. I lost track of the amount of cars I would see run over their own bumpers and shave off their oil pan when they touched down to earth after speeding off, and the traffic cop(s[!]) would have to call their parents. They were good times, but it stung knowing the only wheels I had at the time were on a longboard.