I went to a public HS in Miami where 1/3 the student body were part of a rather intense magnet program and generally better off socioeconomically. So you had a decent portion of rich but-not-that-rich gunners and a bunch of “please just get me out of here” kids, all from extremely diverse backgrounds because hey this is Miami? So cliques formed in every single possible direction without much friction or bullying, although the most exclusive clique of course being those who hung out at the parking lot entrance.

Not sure why that ramp was such a thing - maybe because they could afford to hang out before going to their (admittedly not super nice or anything) cars because they didn’t have a job they had to haul ass off to? I guess it took a bit to figure out whose house everyone was going off to get high at that afternoon.

Anyway so imagine a bunch of sedans and a few hand me down SUVs and you get the idea. Nothing that exciting car wise. Shoutout to Jackie though whose cherry red modded beetle was always fun to catch a ride home in.