This took some time in the old thought house.

The Toyota MR2 [Spyder]:

Not necessarily the 2000-2005[2007jpn] Spyder but the entirety of what the MR2 stood for:

This is the cheap’ish mid engine sports car, a genre that is now more or less extinct.

Toyota itself failed to capitalize on the Spyder. Notice the engines the W10 MR2 had? Yes? The 3E-LU, 4A-GE, 4A-GZE... The 4A-GE! Do you know what the spiratual successor is to the 4A-GE is? Why it’s the 2ZZ-GE.

I can’t understand why Toyota never chose to put it into a production Spyder, it’s a very common swap for ZZW30 today and it made its way into all the other 1ZZ models (Celica, Matrix, Corolla, Vibe). And it wouldn’t have stolen sales away from the 2005 US introduction of the Lotus Elise.

And thus Toyota let it die. Like a plant that stopped getting water because it was late to bloom. I just never really thought it got the proper send off, in a shriek of 8200rpm glory.

(RIP also: Fiat X1/9, Pontiac Fiero, Porsche 914)