I’m mourning the Volvo C30 in general and my Volvo C30 specifically. When I bought my C30 in 2008, it was both the fastest car and the cheapest car that Volvo made. It was the first car I bought new and I loved and named it Sven.

When I moved to India in 2014, I gave the Sven to my mom who really needed a new car to replace/augment her 200k+ mile Honda CR-V, but then my mom had knee problems with her left knee and could drive stick anymore. So... we gave Sven to one of my best friends who had recently sold his clown shoe BMW to pay for a house. And then my friend moved to NYC and couldn’t hold on to two cars anymore. So... we gave Sven to my father-in-law who totaled the car a few months ago.

My last time with Sven was on a visit to the US in June where I did my first ever autocross, so at least my I had a good final drive.