The Pontiac Banshee concept duo of 1964. Imagine it for a moment, a world in which General Motors had successfully held the British at bay with their own small light affordable sports car, one sold with up-to-date engineering, consistent build quality, and a perky OHC straight six that made it into an E-Type on a budget.

Consequently, leaving this opportunity on the table gave Datsun the chance to jump from mimicking the MGB with the Fairlady/Sports 2000 and go whole hog with their own “cheap E-type” which is often heralded with legitimizing the Japanese motor industry as international players.

This is not to say that the Corolla/Civic 1-2 punch of the 70's wouldn’t have hurt just as badly, but in bizarro world the Banshee coupe and roadster (which, by the way, no Z roadster) bought the General enough time to make the Vega into a genuinely good small car.