I’ve been in love with the NSX since my first exposure to it in the form of a Super Famicom game called “Zero 4 R Champ.” The love just kinda grew as I kept collecting more video games, more magazines, and more video magazines that featured the car. I’d read interviws such as one with Gordon Murray where he mentioned he had to revision his concept of what the Mclaren F1 would be, after test-driving the NSX.

In 2004, I finally had a chance to drive an NSX. I had 3 friends that worked at the NRG Innovations warehouse, literally a few blocks down the street from the Buddhist temple my aunt went to. One of these friends just bought an NSX. It was a 1995 NSX-T in brooklands green. Granted, even if I was a Championship White kind of guy who preferred the hard top, I was still jealous but happy for the guy. He did a few light mods, with Buddy Club coil-overs and bucket seats.

Originally, my buddies were going to take a long lunch break; go for a drive up the nearby mountain pass. I rode shotgun in the NSX. Even for a spartan, if ergonomic interior, it was just hypnotic to sit in. My only discomfort was the feeling that all the eyeballs of neighboring cars are on you.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our joyride short, and my friends got called back to the warehouse early. When we got back, my friend asked me if I wanted to drive the NSX on my own for a while. WELL YEAH! Of course!!!! I had to bite my lip to keep myself from smiling and beaming like an idiot. You know, that kind of smile where it sinks in that you just locked in a date with your long-time crush.

A lot of reviewers tend to liken the ease of use of the NSX with a Honda Accord... but I’ve driven a shitload of Accords. Accords were like the default car for all girls going to college. Even my Korean-drama-in-real-time ex had an Accord. Accords are easy to drive, but the seating and position is just not as immersive and tight as it is in the cockpit of an NSX. Nor are they as therapeutic. Dave Chappelle may say “White people have therapy, in the ghetto, we got liquor stores and weed.” But if you love cars, nothing beats the fragrant leathery perfume of a dream car such as an NSX (or a Porsche 911, or Murcielago, etc).

Since it wasn’t my car, I really took it easy on the driving. After slowly inching out of the parking lot at an angle like a bitch, so as not to scratch the front lip, I finally got to actually drive the thing. It’s not the fastest car I’ve driven, but it just feels so smooth. So solid. Responsive and sharp, in such a confident way that doesn’t wrench your guts after eating too much french vanilla butter pecan chocolate deluxe. I really could see myself driving this daily to work, the way my friend did.

Every time I see an NSX on the road, it’s still love, like your first puppy love. It still makes my chest ache with jealousy. Sometimes I find myself plotting to talk my fiance out of a wedding, so we can just get an NSX instead and take it out on a road trip. That, or work twice as hard and make twice as much money to get one.