I actually have 2 of my dream cars, but for brevitys sake, I’ll only give one story. I first saw my dream car on the first episode of Top Gear I ever watched. I was freshly engaged and due to marry into a completely car-mad family, so I decided to sit my ass down and learn me some cars. What better place to start than a Corvette ZR1, CTS-V, and Challenger SRT-8 going to Bonneville, considering the family’s tastes lean towards things like that. But before that challenge was a test of the Fiat 500 Abarth Essesse. It was adorable and just looked like so much fun. Soon I started seeing 500s in my neighborhood and they were just as cool on the street, so I bought one. A couple years pass and I make it an event and a half into my first autocross season before someone points out it’s unclassable and I spent the rest of the season in my husbands E46 M3.

That BMW and I just never clicked though so I knew I needed to swap my 500. I test drove a WRX and that really made me realize that only one car would make me happy and that was an Abarth. So one was dragged up from the depths of Utah and my manual lessons (up to then occasional at best) got serious. I was on course within two weeks of signing the papers, temp tag still in the window, just trying not to stall on the line. And thus began the “well, if I just did *insert mod here* to it, it would be better.” It’s unconfirmed at the moment (scheduled for confirmation in about a month) but should be in the neighborhood of low 200s hp. The car is named “Sex Dwarf” for the Soft Cell song and frankly, he is a lot like the the character in that music video. If a car could be a psychotic dwarf slapping people with raw meat and threatening them with a chainsaw, that would be him!