Though I am a Ferrari and Shelby guy (own a GT500), I was very jealous of my friend’s Lamborghini Aventador. Over a summer, our friends group drove from Seattle to Idaho for vacation. My friend kept asking me to drive the lambo around town, and I (gleefully) agreed. Then he asked me a huge favor: drive the Aventador back to Western WA and let him drive my Lexus.

The first 30 minutes were amazing. Unlimited power (700hp) and an exhaust noise that (censored). I still have the photos and videos my passenger took of me and my smile.

The last 1hr and 30 minutes were miserable. The steering was so touchy, I couldn’t keep it driving straight for long. The gas was so sensitive that my speed kept jumping between 80 and 90 every few seconds. Then there was the worry factor because every car around me wanted to honk and take pictures. It was like a rolling road block at times.

By the time we switched cars back before the pass, I was physicall and mentally exhausted. Now I know why he wanted to drive my Lexus back.

Regardless, even knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t even hesitate to do it again.\