I have these. I love them. I LITERALLY wear them everyday, usually for many hours everyday as I work from home. I have been rockin’ the same pair for over a year and they are still great - no stink, minimal wear and tear, and I even *gasp* washed them (in the washing machine, cold water, no dryer) a few months ago ‘cause I spilled a drink on them...they came out jusss fiiiiine.

Yep they are pricey but they will last longer than 10 x $10 pairs of junky man made fibre slippers that start stinking after one wear because your feet are bathed in a sweat sauna while in them. I know...I used to buy those ones ‘cause over $100 was “too expensive...are you crazy?!” I splurged and my cozy feet have never been happier.

P.S. Don’t wear the leather soled ones outside in the snow to “just quickly take the garbage out.” You WILL fall on your ass faster than you can say “I love my Glerups!”