I’m probably a bit late for this and who knows if I’ll even get out of the grey, but let’s try.

It’s not really that creepy of a story, but it’s in line with Jason’s. I had a Mazda 626 that I really did love, though it started having issues and I was tired of fixing it (though by the time I sold it, it was completely sound and I really could’ve just kept it.) So, I go to sell it and get a bite. The guy likes it, but I had to work so my mom and grandpa are the ones that were going to complete the deal.

They take it to the courthouse to get an inspection and transfer the title. He has cash in hand. We live in Kentucky, and he lives in Ohio, so they have to take it to the courthouse up there and no one knows where to park for inspections. They park up front, go in and are told to take it around back.

The car refused to start and the guy with the cash walked. My mom proceeds to hang around the city putting money in the meter every two hours because that’s the max (but we still got a ticket because of one lapse.) We finally get it towed out to the family mechanic that had fixed everything else. He lets it sit over night and drives it to the parts store the next morning. When he calls, he says to come get it because nothing was wrong with it at all.

It never had another issue and I ended up selling it to my uncle. As far as I know, it’s never refused to start other than that one time. That car knew I was trying to sell it, and didn’t want to go.