I have no stories of my own, so I’m going to steal a couple from people who I a; know, and b; know won’t visit this site.

First’s from my second year uni housemate. She used to live down in the middle of nowhere in dorset, and has accumulated a few miscellanious creepy stories, such as living in a house with dirty window into a room which had no entrance, and no aparent location in the floorplan of the house. Anyhow, one time, she was driving back from work late on in the evening, on an unlit road, and someone steps out in front of her. Comes out from behind a hedge, and just stands in front of the car in the middle of the road. Slams her brakes on, but doesn’t stop in time; No impact, no sign of anyone having been there. Drove back feeling kind of creeped out. Apparently this happened a few times around the same area.

Second one’s from my parents; isn’t exactly inexplicable, but it creeped them out until they figured it out. My mum used to own a mini, like basically everyone over the age of maybe 30 in the UK. It was a rather crusty black MK1, which’d had a slightly wonky cooper grille swapped on to the front and a sports steering wheel fitted, which was just about small enough that my dad could drive it without having to saw sections out of his lower leg. Cost my mum around £200 in the early 80's, and I think she sold it for around the same. Anyhow, none of this is really relevant; so I’ll move along. One night, my parents went out to check up on the cars, as they usually do in the evening (I think my dad had a company car at the time), and my mum’s mini was sitting there, locked, but with the headlight on full beam. Hadn’t been driven that day. Opened it up, lights turned off OK, no apparent electrical fault or anything. Just that the headlights had been turned on. They couldn’t figure out what’d happened. It was only when my mum next went to drive it that she noticed that the mirror was missing. As it turned out, what’d happened was that the adhesive had given way on the inside mirror, and dropped straight down into the bottom of the car, clipping the toggle switch for the headlight (kind of lucky for the neigbors that it didn’t clip one of the other toggle switches, as one of them was for the horn).

A final side story, yet again associated with my mum’s mini; not creepy or inexplicable for my mum, but creeped out another driver. My mum’s pretty short, so when she was sat in the mini, you couldn’t see her from the back. One day she was pulled up at the shops, and someone parked up next to her. Apparently they’d thought that the car had no driver, and was rather creeped out by it all. My mum thought they were stupid; I’m inclined to agree with that assessment.