This is not my story but it happened to a friend and associate of mine, Vince, sometime back in 2007. One of the local backroads in the area is called Turnbull Canyon Rd.

Turnbull Canyon itself was a short, tight, technical canyon road. It’s common for local drivers and bike riders to run the canyon at night. Vince went on such a dark night, sometime past midnight with a group of buddies. Vince was the last to do the downhill run. The area isn’t lit, so on a night without the moon, it is very much pitch black darkness, with HID headlights as your only companion.

As he was driving down, at speeds that varied from 25 mph around hairpins, to 50+mph on the straights, he noticed a man with dark skin and disheveled hair running after him. Keeping up. Constantly within sight when he glanced at his rear view mirror. Running. Running. Keeping up. Stretching his arms out as if to grab the car, or as if to plead for a ride. It spooked him enough that he didn’t bother to meet at the park area where the downhill ends, in Whittier. His friends were like, “WTF, where you run off to Vince???”

That’s what Vince claims anyways. But if you do a Google search on Turnbull Canyon, there are quite a few haunted stories and urban legends associated with the area. Suicides, murders, etc.