Oh man, do I have the perfect story for this thread.

About 9 years ago, this time of year, my cousin from New Jersey was visiting me down here in northern VA. She had heard my friend and I talking about going to a haunted house or something and she made it abundantly clear that she wanted no part in such endeavors. This, of course, made us want to find a way to scare her more, which led to the decision to drive her out to Bunny Man Bridge. (For those of you who don’t know, here’s the Wikipedia entry - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunny_Man)

My cousin had heard us talk about the infamous landmark before. She had heard the legends about the escaped convict who lived off of bunny carcasses and had hanged two children from the bridge decades before. Obviously we couldn’t tell her we were going there, so we lied and said there was a party out that way.

The night could not have been more perfect; It was chilly, a little foggy, and there was no moon. We were in my mom’s Hyundai Tucson and made the 30 or so minute drive out to Fairfax Station to find the back roads leading to the bridge. The deeper we got into the woods the thicker the fog became. My cousin, sitting behind me as I drove, was getting nervous. “This place is really far. Do people actually live out here? Why is it so foggy?” My friend and I can barely contain ourselves because we know what’s coming.

Just as we come around the bend before the bridge, we stop, leaving it in full view. The bridge and tunnel are illuminated by a lone, dim, street lamp on the far side. My cousin sees it up ahead and stammers, “I-is that..... is that BUNNY MAN BRIDGE?!?!?” My friend and I laugh as my cousin starts hyperventilating. I let the car creep forward slowly until we reach the middle of the tunnel where I stop and put it in park. My cousin is freaking out at this point and we’re on the verge of tears from laughing so hard.

That’s when shit went down. Out of nowhere, all of the car’s electronics went down. Headlights, taillights, interior illumination, radio, everything. The entire car and everything around it went dark. My cousin thinks this is my doing and proceeds to slap me multiple times upside my head, all the while screaming bloody murder. I yell at her to stop, and both me and my friend are freaking out because we have no idea what happened. The lights remain out for what seemed about 15 seconds, when all of a sudden, everything lights up like a Christmas tree. All the dash warning lights and center console lights are on, and every single LCD screen inside the car is fogged up. Fogged up to the point where the radio readout was illegible, despite the engine never dying, and the AC being on the defog setting the entire drive.

I threw that bitch into reverse so fast I thought I had broken the shifter. We hauled ass out of there and to this day I can’t explain what happened. The car was fairly new at that point, and to this day has never had any kind of problem (my mom still daily drives it). My cousin still thinks it was part of the prank. Gives me chills thinking about it again.

However, mission accomplished? My cousin did pee her pants a little bit.