I got a couple of stories. Two are not so much creepy as they are terrifying, the third defiantly falls under the “I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts now” category.

1.) I was working for an IT consulting company and had a job in Worcester, MA. We specialized in K-12 schools so most of our large deployment jobs happened after hours, sometimes not starting until 8 or 9 at night. This job IIRC started at 830 but I was working in Nashua during the day and didn’t want to drive south just to come back north again for this job so I waited around outside of this school for my co workers to get there (street parking).

I was playing on my phone and out of the corner of my eye I see a couple of kids walk by. I was about 6 cars back from the intersection and noticed one of them trying to open one of the cars. The car alarm goes off and they all run away. About 15 minutes later the group comes back and starts fiddling with door handles again, one by one going down the row stopping at the car in front of mine. It didn’t really register what they were trying to do at the time, I thought they were just screwing around.

Then, one of the kids comes to my passenger door, opens it and immediately goes for my glove box. I don’t know if the kid didn’t see me (I had stopped playing with my phone at this point) or what but I just say “Can I help you?” as the he is tossing all the contents of my storage compartment on the floor. He looks at me with sheer terror/shock and just starts running. As he is running away, *something* that looked way too much like a Glock fell out of his back pocket only to get picked up by the kid running behind him.

At first I was pissed. Then the realization that I could have easily just died that night sunk in.

2.) Working for the same company as above, we had another late night job in western MA. I drove their with my co-worker in his brand new, 500 mile on the clock Lexus. It was a small job so it was just the two of us. After mounting a couple of the access points, our drill’s battery was just about dead. He tells me to get one out of his car so I make my way to the parking lot.

I come around the corner and find the hood opened with a guy screwing around in the engine bay and another under the drivers side dash ripping out wires. The one in the engine bay looks at me and says “What the f*** you gonna do about it?” I answer “Not my problem.” and calmly walk back around the corner to where I just start running as fast as I can. I get in the school, tell my coworker. He calls the PD and the officer goes “You are WHERE at this time of night?”. Takes to the officers 45 minutes to get to the school and we finally go out to the car again where it is now missing its wheels, radio, battery, floor mats and pretty much anything else valuable EXCEPT for the spare battery.

We still completed the job and got picked up by our boss at about 2AM.

3.) Now the creepy one... I was up in VT coming back from a friends cabin. I was leaving late at night because my grandmother was in the hospital - one of those “we don’t thing she is coming home” visits. I left the cabin at about 2AM and just threw the hospitals address in my GPS.

I get about 2 hours into the journey and really need to piss so I pull off at this desolate visitor center where not a single car is. The bathrooms are locked but they had a couple of porta-pottys out side so I use that. I take the longest pee of my life and open the door to find a guy just waiting outside on the one I was in (there were four units in a row). He just looks at me in a cold and sterile voice and says “Be careful out there, you never know what kind of weirdos you will find.”

I have to stop here for a second. Why would you say this to a person in the middle of VT at 4AM? Why was he waiting for my stall? WTF?

Anyways... the other odd thing was he must have been driving the only other vehicle there - an 18 wheeler. How did I not hear that thing come into the rest area? I speed walk the hell back to my car and drive away as quickly as possible. Going way too fast in moose country not only because of my grandmother but now I was really freaked out by this guy. I kept thinking back to his face. Nothing seemed right about the dude. His blank stare. His voice. He even had a weird smell that I can’t really describe that was both strong but subtle at the same time. It was like a mix of freshly mowed grass and some chemically smell that I have never been able to pinpoint. Really, really odd..

So I get about 20 minutes away and start to calm down and slow my speed when I hear that same monotone, blank voice come over my CB - “Passing on the right.” All of a sudden, without warning that creepy truck zooms by me doing at least 30mph faster than I was - WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS - Now by this time the the early morning twilight was coming through the mountains but it was still pretty dark out. The only lights this truck had were the amber running lights on the side of the trailer and tail lights. Then, as quick as this thing screamed by, it was gone.

For 9 years I have been trying to explain how this guy was driving THAT fast on those tight roads without headlights and I just have no clue. Maybe I was just way too tired. Maybe guy did have headlights on and I just didn’t see them come up to me around the bend. I don’t know but it is definitely the creepiest events I have ever experienced.