Being stupid and young (don’t most of these stories start that way), a group of my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to leave early one morning and drive to Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH (about 4 hours from us) and be there when it opened, stay till it closed and drive back. We were in 3 different cars, and me and another of my friends smoked at the time (I quit years ago), so we had my car to ourselves. We were going south on 75, coming down Jellico mountain, and we were about an hour from home. All of the sudden, I saw a stopped tractor trailer rig in front of me. I jerked the wheel hard to miss it and fishtailed a bit and got it back under control, only to look back and realize there was nothing there. Nothing too unusual about a really tired person hallucinating, but my friend looked over at me and asked if I saw the tractor trailer rig too. Neither of us had been drinking and the night and road was completely clear. The people in the car behind us did not see anything. This was without a doubt one of the strangest things to every happen to me.