I was 17 years old driving my family’s 1988 Ford Aerostar (Eddie Bauer edition!) driving down the Wilbur Cross Parkway towards the West Rock tunnel in Connecticut late one night. The approach is a very long downhill with trees on either side. Driving on my way to see my high school girlfriend, I was cruising at a decent clip down the hill as I usually did.

All of a sudden BANG. Something hit the right side of the van HARD. If you can picture an Aerostar with its slanted hood, it actually hit right on the angled part, so it hit pretty high.

At first I thought I hit a deer, which were common around there, but I couldn’t actually see whatever it was I had hit, just a bang, something rolling up and over the car and then silence. There was no good spot to pull over, so I just went on my way and went to my girlfriend’s house.

When I got there, I got out of the van to inspect what was sure to be parent-angering damage. But there was nothing. Not a dent, not a scratch, not a single shred of evidence that anything had impacted the van in any way.

I actually went the next day to see if there was anything on the side of the road that was the remnants of whatever I hit, but there was absolutely nothing there. Definitely one of the weirdest things.