Ah, ZEd.

Kelso, from That 70's Show, could have been loosely based on ZEd; his mannerisms, his look, and slightly goofy attitude. ZEd, on the contrary, was actually pretty bright.

ZEd had the pretty girlfriends.

ZEd didn’t really drink but was naturally inebriated and is probably an attribute which helped him get the girls.

ZEd was into rock and roll, particularly Led Zeppelin which is how he initially got his nickname because there wasn’t a day that would go by where ZEd wasn’t wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

ZEd also was our resident car guy. He had a black Mustang 5.0 which “could easily catch 3rd”. He could leave a church’s parking lot on Sunday afternoon after the congregation was let out to demonstrate this in front of God and everyone if they had their doubts. Can I get an “Amen!”?

Yes, ZEd’s pinnacle namesake came when he strolled up one day in a blue Chevy Cavalier. No, not any Cavalier. It was a Z24. It was blue. And, it too, could “easily catch 3rd”. How he caught Lisa, his hot, blonde girlfriend at the time with eyes as blue as his car is beyond me and something I struggle with, even to this day.

Yeah, we liked ZEd but deep, down, I kinda hated him.