Oh man, high school. When I was in high school I could’nt have cared less about cars. I knew they were valuable as forms of transportation, to make moving around easier, but no more. I didn’t get why people would want fast cars when any Prius could go way over any speed limit in the country.

It wasn’t until I got my first car that I caught the car bug. It was a 1989 Geo Metro with a 5 speed. Shifting gears made me feel inclined in the process of driving, and I loved it. And here I am now, reading Jalopnik. I have a 2004 mazdaspeed miata with a rotary in it and a 1982 Rx-7. If I hadn’t gotten a manual tranny in my first car, who knows. I could have ended up with a rav4 or some shit.

I guess this isn’t about “that guy” in high school, it’s about the guy who went from uninterested to enthusiast.