For anyone who was trying to follow the Fox Sports tv plan for these longer races I highly suggest you pay for the streaming option if it is available. I really hope IMSA goes the same route as the WEC with their streaming option. Their contract with Fox Sports this year was a basket case. The checkered flag for their last race of the season wasn’t even televised!

I caught what I could on Fox Sports, but I couldn’t watch the stream if the race was televised even a little bit (Sebring stands out the most with only the first and last two hours shown on tv). That’s gotta get fixed for next season and any future seasons. Completely ridiculous schedules for any races and waaaayyy too many commercial breaks. It’s as if we can only view 45-60 minutes of a 2.5 hour race.

FIA WEC stream with John Hindaugh from Radio LeMans and Graham Goodwin from Daily Sports Car is fantastic. Full coverage of races with no commercials! I think the only race where I didn’t listen to the commentary with the WEC stream was LeMans. Had the Radio LeMans audio over the WEC video stream