A 2006 Miata.

I’d been dating Michelle for a little more than a year - she was the first woman I’d dated that had kids - she had 2.

A few months prior, I traded in my ‘09 WRX and bought a brand new ‘13 Honda Fit in order to save $ for us to get a house.

After a few months of trying to make it seem fun, the Fit was crushing my soul with its pitiful amount of horsepower, so I traded it in and got a low-mileage ‘06 Miata Grand Touring.

She was fucking pissed to put it lightly. She said it really showed how fucked up my priorities were because I bought a 2 seater that could not haul her kids with us, even though prior to getting the Miata we’d never taken my car with her kids.

I tried to trade it in after a few months, but being it was almost winter, they were not offering me a lot for it, so I told Michelle that I would sell it after the winter when I could get more.

Our relationship ended about 2 1/2 months after I bought the Miata. Looking back now, it probably wouldn’t have lasted regardless of what car I bought, but the Miata was definitely the catalyst for the end.

I couldn’t enjoy the car, knowing it brought so much grief to the relationship, so I traded it in 2 months after we broke up and bought a ‘06 C6.

I met my wife within 6 months of Michelle and I ending our relationship, so I kind of wish i still had that car, because had I not bought the miata, I probably would not have met my wife, and there’s no way I’d be as happy as I am with her. That Miata helped me dodge a fucking bullet, and lead me to happiness :)