Let me preface this with saying I was in the military at the time and was living or stationed in Japan.

I got back from my 2nd deployment. I har roughly another year before Id be leaving the military(medical reasons). So I wanted a cheap car. Something that had just enough inspection(JCI or Shaken) until I left.

So i looked and found the car. It was a JZX90 Mark II Tourer S(same everything as the Turbo minus the turbo). The seller was leaving and wanted it gone fast. I paid 750 bucks for it, it was cheap considering it had a new inspection.

My wife was content with that purchase. Fast forward a few months and I end up buying the turbo version. So now I had 2 cars with less than 8 months left. I spent alot of time and money against my wifes better judgement on that Turbo version.

The turbo was the fun car and the other car was the DD. Since they were the same, whatver parts I pulled off the turbo went into the NA car. So my wife not being car smart thought I was buying parts for 2 cars.

No matter how many times I explained it that i wasnt. Eventually the turbo car became known on base. When the bumper is cut to fit a giant truck sized intercooler and the car was loud. It was known.

She hated that I was essentially to her “throwing money away” on a car that I couldnt take with me. The parts were cheap, and it being a popular car I could find parts anywhere for cheap.

She absolutely hated that car to the point I eventually got asked “its the car or me”. Since our marriage over the last year wasnt going great and she wanted to stay in Japan and I wanted to go back home. I told her it was the car. We filed for divorce shortly after leaving.

I enjoyed those 2 cars probably more than her. I always had something to do. Going to the track, touge, or just driving around.

To this day I miss that car, and the DD version of it. Ive been gathering parts for a 1JZ/2JZ. And saving my pennies, because Im going to import one when they hit 25 years old. Another Jade Green JZX90 Tourer V. (liked the DDs color but the turbos power, so if I can get a green turbo 90 Mark 2, ill buy one)

Yep, i picked my 2 cars over my now ex wife. But that decision was also fueled by other stuff, her poor attitude over the years. She also couldnt understand after working 14 hrs that I just wanted to relax. Plus while working, she couldnt do laundry or dishes when she sat at home all day. So im not a total dick but if I was in her shoes, id have at least done some laundry or dishes while sitting at home all day.