LMAOOOO! I can totally relate to the opening story on many, many levels. Above is a shot of my B5 S4 Avant (its no longer with us). This beautiful picture was taken in Ocean City MD During h20i (2013). Before that weekend I had only ever done brakes & oil changes. I am an accountant by trade. Long story short; the T-stat failed on the way to breakfast on day one. Spent all weekend (with the help of new and old friends) trying to get the car road worthy to just get home. Tore the car apart and put it together several times In the end the the plastic T-stat housing was no good and I had to have the car towed 275mi home. So all 6 of us packed into my friends A4 and drove home.

The Bad: It was my GFs (shes a twin) birthday weekend, so she spent the whole weekend cooped up watching me struggle, away from her family. She already hated my B5 cause it was a maintenance hog, that weekend solidified her hate for it. Little did she/we know that the very next weekend the fuel pump would quit on our way to church. If she knew how much money I put into that car Id be dead, not single.

The good: I brought ALL my tools with me (wagon FTW) not cause I thought the car was going to piss the bed, but just cause German cars. I became well acquainted with the B5 platform that weekend. Very well acquainted, tech status even. My GF was impressed by how well I kept my cool in adversity, she couldn’t see me crying in the shower.

Oh, and this summer I asked her to marry me. She said yes.