B5 S4.

First car I bought for myself after college that I had been lusting after since my neighbor picked up a new one while I was in high school.

My girlfriend at the time constantly begged me to teach her how to drive stick because she always wanted to learn and so she could drive it if necessary.

She was a terrible driver who totaled 2 different cars while we dated, so not only was I terrified for the life of my clutch but for the car as a whole. I kept putting it off and making excuses every time she brought it up.

She also didn’t understand the concept of forums, or the car community as a whole. Meet-ups, cruises, shows. It was all so foreign to her.

It was part of the larger sticking point of the relationship. She just didn’t get me as a person, why I do the things I do and why I like what I like. Everyone has those parts of themself, but the hardest part was that she didn’t even try to understand.

After 4 years we eventually broke up, and it absolutely destroyed me.

Got rear ended at a stop light, and totaled the car about a year later.

Miss the car more than her.