A 1995 Chrysler LeBaron convertible ALMOST broke up my relationship. I told her to not buy it. I told her it was a piece of total shit. She bought it anyways. We were not quite married yet so I couldn’t really put the kabosh on it, but once we were wed, her bills became my bills. And, oh what bills it gave us. It was soon out of warranty and then the bills rolled in. It ALWAYS broke. Wheel bearings every 20,000 miles. Convertible top cylinder. Electrical. And never mind that it was the most poorly designed, cheaply constructed shitbox on the planet. When the transmission went tits up at only 4 years of age, we threw in the towel. Luckily, the transmission only went into its Death Howl when warmed up, so I made sure the negotiation for our new Corolla took a good long time before the dealership’s used car guy went out to look at our trade in and drive it around the lot. He didn’t hear it. We got away. But when driving off the lot in the new Toyo, I cruised past the Chrysler very slowly, hocked up the biggest phlegm I could muster, and spat on the LeBaron. No lie. And no more arguments.

EDIT: Just remembered that I Carfaxed the VIN a year later and it was resold in Rhode Island with a HEAVILY rolled-back odometer.