Most of my bad ideas/experiences involve Illinois. I live in Missouri and the worst was probably going about 3 hours into southern IL for a 62 Willys CJ6 that I was planning on flat towing back. I got there, made a deal and stared prepping it to tow.

We had to remove the bound up rear drive shaft and hunted for lug nuts to secure the wheels. The problem was the front drivers side. They are left hand thread on the old Jeeps and we only had two of them. On top if it a couple studs were stripped so we could only put them right next to each other. I figured if I took it easy it would be alright.

I made it 30 miles and needed gas, when it pulled in I felt the jeep pull a little to the side, figured I took the turn too sharp. I gassed up, got supplies and got back on the road made it about 5 miles and the hub broke. I felt it and then saw the drivers side dip slightly in my mirror. It was a Sunday and no parts store within 100 miles was open. Time to call for a tow. I ended up waiting for 4 hours for a truck in 105 degree heat and no A/C in the grass off of a two lane rural Illinois highway.

The tow cost me half what I payed for the Jeep! I still have the jeep and have made a good deal of progress, but I haven’t quite forgiven it for the day we met...