Easy - the time I bought a 1993 Dakota off Craigslist. After looking at it it looked rusty but trusty, didn’t see any noticeable issues, and a test drive confirmed that it was driving fine. We agreed on a price (well under what the hell money). He had to “switch the title” and I needed to get money so we agreed to meet a few days later to complete the transaction.

Red Flag #1 - The seller calls me to set up a time to meet and ask several times if I am still interested in the truck and if I really am interested in the truck. I said yes and assume he just wants to pull the CL ad and be sure I am not going to vanish.

Red Flag #2 - The day the sale is to go down we speak on the phone to confirm the sale is happening. The seller again asks several times if I really want the truck. I think this is weird. But not enough to stop the sale.

Red Flag #3 - I get to the sellers house and the truck (which was parked on the street before) is now parked on his lawn. To those that it is not complete obvious to, if this ever happens to you, tell the seller to fuck himself and run as fast as you can (note - this was not a neighborhood where people would normally park on grass, he went through the extra effort to drive over the curb to get on the grass).

Red Flag #4 - I don’t believe I ever got the guys name, but I am pretty sure this heavy set, middle aged white man’s name was not along the lines of LaFonda Sanchez. Like it said on the title. Like I had asked several times before if his name was on the title. I still bought the truck.

Thankfully I was able to switch the title to my name but I was not surprised to get the truck home and find a puddle of transmission fluid underneath it. Nor was I shocked to find that it ran like complete shit above 55mph. Or that 4WD didn’t work. I tried a tune up and did end up (mostly) fixing the transmission leak but gave up after I put gas in it and it mostly ended up in the gas station parking lot. I threw it up on CL again and ended up selling it to the shadiest fucks of all time for $325 bucks and one hell of a lesson learned. I also made a huge mistake by not absolutely destroying that truck at a redneck friends house (demo derby, jumps, baja, shooting it with guns) and then scrapping it.