Black cars. Don’t ask me why, but my experience with black or dark colored cars has been nothing short of nightmarish. Here’s just a few of the weird things I’ve had happen with black painted cars:

-1990 240SX: It was a used project when I bought it, but I’ve killed an engine, two transmissions, a clutch, a turbo, and had all sorts of weird plumbing and wiring failures. I’ve also had a wheel fall off even when the lug nuts were torqued the day before (with a torque wrench I might add). I’ve written about this car before, I am still determined to save it. I’m considering doing a rattle can spray job to see if that fixes most of its problems.

-1997 Honda Accord: A tree branch about a foot long and as thick as my wrist hit the back window and shattered it. It was a big rain storm and not a single other car in the lot was damaged.

-CRC Carpet Knife: This is an R/C pan car I had and I painted one of the bodies black. I won my very first race in that body and then in the next heat, the batteries could no longer hold a full charge. I had a bunch of bad luck with crashes and breakages. A year later I painted a new body red and blue. Won the main the first race I attended and it’s been rock solid ever since.

-2005 Subaru WRX STi: Actually my friend’s car. Very nice used example, single owner when he got it. After a couple months it started running really poorly. Turns out the rings had been damaged on cylinder 3 before he bought it and the issue didn’t get really bad until he beat on it a bit. The dealer took it back despite selling it with no warranty.

-2010 FSAE car: this car had a weird ass brake problem and would not lock all four wheels under hard braking. An SAE rule is that all four wheels must lock under the brake test. This car spent 3 days attempting it and failing. It never drove again, we cut it up for parts the moment we got home.

-2012 FSAE car: Despite my insistence that black cars are bad luck, they did another black car. We did complete competition, but were the slowest car in the field. We also spent all week fixing broken stuff. The following year during practice and testing, we never went more than half a test session without a breakage. The nail in the coffin was its final test where it built up so much crankcase pressure it filled its 1 quart oil catch can and began pissing all over the track.

-2007 Mazdaspeed 3: This was supposed to be my new daily driver. Currently, it is dead in the driveway with a misfire that only occurs when I am driving it. A misfire so bad it feels like the engine is completely shutting off. The car was a 2-owner, low mileage example that had been well maintained (for a while) and had lots of service records. The cruise control never worked right (it would shut off if you hit the turn signals). The subframe looks like it came off the Titanic, but the rest of the chassis is mint. I fixed my damaged front bumper (it had been curbed and Mazda uses surprisingly brittle plastic) and the very next morning I hit a possum on the highway. Credit to my bumper repairs, the bumper was fine, but my belly pan was not. It then spent 2 weeks in the shop trying to diagnose a brake problem (I later narrowed it to the brake booster, an issue that turns out is incredibly common to Mazdas, but one that is often misdiagnosed and not recalled). And literally a few days after getting that fixed, the misfire started. No CEL and it seems to go away when the dealer plugs a service computer into it.

I have no idea why my luck with black cars is so awful, but I refuse to buy another. The worst part is the 3 isn’t even black, it’s dark gray. Guess that was close enough...