1. Bought any car to “fix up”- Bought a Jeep Wrangler. Thought they were easy to wrench on and hard to break. Paid more than the purchase price in repairs before I drove 10 miles. Then decided I needed to modify it. Lifts, wheels, tires, etc. and b now I spent 4 times the purchase price. Thing keeps falling apart on me. Crappiest car I ever bought. Bought a 2nd gen camaro. Thought I’d start system by system. Built the engine, disc brakes, new interior, etc. Should have worried about rust. Thing rusted out and was scrapped with about $8000 in new parts on it.

2. “Modded up my car”. 3000GT Vr4. Loved it. modding it would make me love it more right? Lowered it and put on a body kit. Couldn’t drive it anywhere, even normal roads it would get damaged. Ended up tearing off the front bumper and had to replace it with another one. thought race seats and a race steering wheel would be cool. Couldn’t fit in it well afterwards. After dumping about 6000 in mods, I couldn’t enjoy it or drive it anymore and it sat in my garage for years. Decided to sell it. Since it wouldn’t pass emissions due to its mods, sold it for HUNDREDS (literally under $1000). There’s about 10 major mistakes there.

3. Bought a Ferrari. need I say more? thought I could afford it. Cost me about $3000 every time I drove it. It was painful. CEL one time for cats, $5000. Cooling problem- $2000. Belt service, $4000. I listened to doug. he said they were reliable. 500 miles and $20k later in repairs and I’m ready to sell it.